The Parkville Hotel - New Menu Launch

Earlier this week we launched our fabulous new Summer Menu at The Parkville Hotel in Blantyre. Our talented Kitchen Team guided by our amazing new Head Chef, Jennifer, have created a stunning new menu, filled with some truly delicious dishes. 

An important aspect of any new dish before it makes it to the menu is staff training. We need to ensure that our staff are not only educated on each item in the menu, but that they carry through the same enthusiasm and passion that our chefs put into the each plate they dish up, and what better way to do this than a menu tasting? 

From price to the ingredients, what it tastes like and any allergy info – we need to know each dish inside out before we can bring it to the table for our customers.

Last week we were treated to a masterclass from Jennifer, with a taste of each dish, some photograph opportunities and an expert walkthrough of each item, what it is and how it came to be!